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Therapuetic Bar Soap

Therapuetic Bar Soap

Therapuetic Bar Soap

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Description + -

Bar soap made from virgin olive oil, hand-made by cold process. The therapeutic soap contains green clay and Niaouli oil, known for their beneficial properties for the skin in cases of inflammation, skin fungus and treatment of acne. Green clay is rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. The soap disinfects and energizes both physically and mentally.Help Heals incisions, wounds, burns, inflammatory infections and fungus.

Instructions + -

Soap the body well, leave the soap for a few minutes on the skin, rinse well.

Ingredients + -

Ingredients: Sodium olivate, Sodium cocoate, Sodium castorate, Water, Montmorillonite (French green clay), Calendula Officinalis Extract, Niaouli  Oil, Myrtle Oil, Geranium maculatum oil.

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Reviews On Therapuetic Bar Soap

Or B.

My husband loves your Luffa soap with a lavender scent. It is a good cleanser and gives him a feeling of clean skin, the sponge inside the soap is very special. I actually like your therapeutic soap because it helps me keep my back without sores as I had in the past.


I strongly recommend the use of this soap, especially those with back wounds. The soap actually treat the wounds and gives a pleasant and clean feeling!

Dr. A. Rom

I am an expert in aesthetic medicine and have been using lavender products for the past three years both in my medical work and at home. For me, I am happy that I can recommend to my patients natural and effective products, knowing that these are not just marketing games, but that the products really make a difference. Treatment Soap - Many of my patients who suffer from TineaVersicolor pigmentation spots on their body areas use this product. After regular use of soap for more than two months, tanning in the sun causes the skin to be uniformly colored - the best indication of the disappearance of the skin infection. Dr. Ela Rom is an expert in aesthetic medicine.
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חוות דעתFAQ - Therapuetic Bar Soap up

Q: מה חשיבות של ייצור סבון בשיטה קרה?

A: סבונים טבעיים מיוצרים פעמים רבות ע"י בישול בטמפרטורות גבוהות של השמן יחד עם בסיס. התהליך בטמפרטורות גבוהות קל יותר ומהיר יותר לייצור, אך הטמפרטורות הגבוהות עלולות לפגוע בכל המרכיבים הטובים שיש בשמנים ובעיקר בשמן זית ולפרק אותם. אנו מייצרים סבונים בתהליך קר, תוך הקפדה שהסבון לא יחומם ליותר מ- 38 מעלות צלסיוס, על מנת להבטיח שכל המרכיבים הבריאים בשמן זית כתית, שאנו בוחרים בקפידה לייצור הסובנים, יישארו וישפרו את הסבון, ומרגישים את זה בשימוש.

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