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Patchouli-Rosewood Natural Deodorant

Patchouli-Rosewood Natural Deodorant

Patchouli-Rosewood Natural Deodorant

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Natural Deodorant without aluminum, suitable for sensitive skin. Made of natural materials with gentle and sweet scent - a mixture of cleanliness with sweetness and gentle freshness.
Without preservatives, petroleum products, aluminum or alcohol, and does not harm the natural sweating process. Prevents the smell of sweat for many hours

Instructions + -

Directions of use: Apply a small amount at your armpit and massage til absorbed. The deodorant efficacy is higher after 2-3 days. This deodorant is concentrated 4 times compared to ordinary deodorant - use a small amount!

Ingredients + -

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, CornStarch, Beeswax,Vitamin E- tocopherol, lavender oil, pelargonium graveolens flower oil, patchouli oil, rosewood oil.

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Reviews On Patchouli-Rosewood Natural Deodorant


After using years the mineral stone, what a pleasure to find a new deodorant, easy to use, very effective, pleasant and fragrant, real upgrade! I was pleased to discover that the cream is effective even on hot days. It is highly recommended!!!:)


Vanilla Patchouli deodorant cream - excellent even in the summer!


I bought and I am very pleased. The smell is great and it just works. Holding for several hours on a hot day ...

Shlomit S.

I'm very pleased with the Patchouli Rosewood deodorant, it smells good and it does the job well! I use it regularly and there's no chance I'm switching

Cindy B.

Most recently, I got to try LaVender's 100% Natural and Effective Deodorant in Patchouli and Rosewood. The thing that I love most about natural deodorants, is that they do not clog the pores. When you use deodorant every day, if you think about it, you can be pushing a lot of chemicals into the skin, one top of each other all the time, and that is kind of a scary thought. When you suffer from adult acne like I do, any time I hear clog-poring I immediately start to freak out! While you may still naturally sweat while using LaVender's Natural deodorant, the scent it releases is amazing! Made from natural oils, every time your body begins to heat up, you smell like you just applied perfume!
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חוות דעתFAQ - Patchouli-Rosewood Natural Deodorant up

Q:  What is the advantage of cream deodorant relative to the stick deodorant?

A: The cream is more economical and precise in use and therefore usually holds more months then the stick deodorant. For many users from the other hand the cream is less convenient than the stick deodorant to use.


Q: Why should I use a natural deodorant and what is it different from a regular antiperspirants sold on the supermarkets?

A: Most of the deodorants in the market are antiperspirants. Preventing sweating, which means that the body can not excrete what it needs like toxins that accumulate in the body or cool itself. The use of antiperspirants with aluminum creates blockages in the sweating glands and in regular use can cause health problems. Lavender deodorant is 100% natural - does not prevent perspiration, but neutralizes the scent and thus allows our body to function naturally without harming ourselves and enjoying a pleasant fragrance. The deodorant exists in three different scents.

Q: Does the deodorant stain the clothes?

A: Used properly and when you apply very little from the deodorant as needed, there is no risk of staining clothes. However, since this is a completely natural product based on oils and herbal extracts, we recommend that you apply very little deodorant and massage for absorption, before putting cloths on.


Q: Is there a difference between deodorants smells in terms of efficiency

A: Yes, every person and the smell which will be more effective for him. Since we use essential oils only, the aromas and essential oils play an important role in preventing the smell of sweat in the armpits, and because everyone is different, the effect varies from person to person. The lemonade deodorant may hold you for half a day and a patchouli deodorant for a whole day and vice versa..

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