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Olive Oil Soap With Dead Sea Mud

Olive Oil Soap With Dead Sea Mud

Olive Oil Soap With Dead Sea Mud

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This unique soap is based on virgin olive oil with essential oils in order to nurture the skin and improve its health with gentle peeling and nourishing action of the dead sea mud.
The soap is without SLS, fragrance and preservatives to insure its healthy nature. This soap is very gentle and suitable for delicate skin including the face.


Instructions + -

Soap your body gently and wash.

Ingredients + -

Soap from: Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil. water, dead sea mud. Essential oils: Lavender EO, Palma Rosa EO, Patchouli EO.

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חוות דעתFAQ - Olive Oil Soap With Dead Sea Mud up

Q: Why its important you soap are made in low temperature process?

A: Usually natural soap on the market are made by high temperature process at about 90ºC/190ºF. in that temperature many very important materials in the oils can be degraded and you loose a lot from the good effects of Virgin olive oile. In our process we do not heat the oils more than 38ºC/100ºF to ensure we keep all the good ingridients of the oils in the soap and making it much better to your skin.

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