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Night AntiAging Serum

Night AntiAging Serum

Night AntiAging Serum

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Description + -

Anti-aging Night Serum is 100% natural anti-aging which contains skin oils and algae extract proven to be excellent treatment for skin care and preventing pigmentation.

The serum contains astaxanthin that protects the skin from sun damage; prevents wrinkles, dry skin, age spots and freckles; reverses the signs of aging. In short, astaxanthin is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants that nature has to offer!

Instructions + -

Apply a little serum to the skin at night before bedtime. Do not expose yourself to sunlight for 8 hours after using the serum.

Ingredients + -

Ingredients: Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Astaxanthin, Vitamin E- Tocopherol, Lemon Oil, Bergamot Oil, Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) Oil, Carota Sativa (Carrot) Seed Oil. EO contain: Citral, Linalool, Limonene, Geraniol

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Reviews On Night AntiAging Serum

Hagit E.

My face just came alive. I did not realize how much my face needed immediate treatment and until I used the product.


Skin and face look smooth after using the serum!

Hagit E.

Amazing!! The skin refreshed and regenerated, and so did I. Feel fresh and relaxed! The face has become smooth and pleasant ... really fun for the face and the body alike! Lavender's products always make sure we feel wonderful .. find any time in any season for any day of the year! And the smell ?! There is nothing to talk about ... Anyone who tried - knows and there is no way to describe !!


Everything about Lavender makes me feel good and the smell has nothing to argue about ... Lavender is nature ..! Lavender Serum is a wonderful and very beneficial enriches the skin with moisture and penetrates deeply Improves the appearance of the skin so that the skin of my face is no longer dehydrated Soft as a foundation before a moisturizer for the face or instead of moisturizing cream.

Galit s.

I got a sample of the serum and it felt amazing! (-): - The skin drank the serum and felt very silky .. The smell was excellent and wavy and the face seemed to breathe and stretched !!!

Alinor Z.

Already after first use my skin looks more radiant . The application is very easy and the smell is very therapeutic and pleasant. I got up for a new morning and my face radiated ... Of course, using it more increased the result .. especially because I have acne spots, and I already see a significant improvement ... and I continue to use !! Recommended !!


I use Lavender facial soap regularly, and there is no comparison to the regular soaps in the market. It is not drying and yet it is not greasy at all and it smells addicting ... In addition, the Night serum does an excellent job and indeed after two weeks I felt an improvement in my facial skin.

Osnat L.

I heard through my dermatologist (who is your client) that you are excellent. So I decided to try the night series and I was not disappointed! My skin is dry and your serum simply return the skin to my face and also the cream is great. Although the skin is slightly greasy after application, but until morning everything is absorbed and the skin is soft.


I'm 50 years old and my skin no longer looks like it used to be, I was looking for an anti-aging product on the Internet and so I came to Lavender. The serum with the red algae is very successful, I apply it in the evening because according to the instructions prohibited on the day, already for several months and I am very pleased, I have not become young in 20 years but the skin is more soft and pleasant and not as dry as before. The disadvantage is that it is expensive 275 NIS but it is enough for a few months because it needs really little use, I love and recommend.


I use Night Serum and Night Cream for a few months and I'm very pleased. At last I do not have that dryness in my face and I can smile without feeling the skin stretching. All the creams I've bought so far have not done the job.

Mirit N

I found Lavender by a "mistake." I was looking for deodorant without toxins. And since then I have discovered a whole world of products that give a wide smile on the lips, while providing smart and good solutions such as night serum with astaxanthin or sun protection cream, with my sensitive skin keeps me from the sun. Along with the excellent products, I was happy to meet Iren, who patiently listened to and my wishes and found solutions. Many thanks to Tali who patiently listened to my questions and gave me answers! And solutions for the future. Waiting to try more products. Thank you very much Merit

Mina K.

I recommend the anti-aging series. I use night serum and night cream. Every winter I suffered from dehydration and peeling. After using Lavender's products my skin appearance improved dramatically.


I've been using night serum and night cream for a while and suddenly I noticed that a pigment stain I had over my eyebrow was completely gone. Highly recommend

Efrat G.

Recommend !!! the series of red algae, doing wonders for my skin and thank you very much Shalom from the Tel Aviv branch for its excellent service

Dorit P.

I strongly recommend, I bought the serum, day and night moisturizer and eye cream and it really saved the skin of my face from skin asthma, I really enjoy today smooth and beautiful skin, thank you, I became addicted.

Michal A.

Night Serum and The hands Cream are great. Body oil Vanilla Patchouli - addicted to it!

Meytal R.

I highly recommend Anti-Aging Night Serum, a product that has done wonders for my facial skin. Lately, my skin felt tired and old and lifeless. I suppose it's the result of age combined with the stresses and pressures I've experienced recently. I tried a number of facial products, but I was disappointed with them until ... I tried the anti-aging night serum. A quality product that really does the job right and all that while I sleep. In the first use the skin felt more energetic and glowing and over time even the marks of the Wrinkles were stretched. Great product.

Ronit B.

Your Night Serum is excellent, at other level from any other!

MIri Z.

Highly recommend the Night Serum and day Serum which are excellent. And, of course, the deodorant and the gentle therapeutic cream! Wonderful products.

Avivit V.

Recommends the Night Serum. Amazing Product Forget everything you know is really stretching and firming the skin and I feel that my skin looks much younger than before use. Just addicted!

Halli A.

All Lavender products are of high quality, especially red seaweed night serum, olive oil facial soap, foot cream, lavender body cream, gentle care cream, red algae day cream, green clay, eye cream .. and more….
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חוות דעתFAQ - Night AntiAging Serum up

Q: במה שונה סרום יום מסרום לילה ולמה מותר למרוח אותו על העור לפני השינה/ערב בלבד?

A: סרום יום הוא שמן הזנה ליום לעור פנים מעורב או בסיס לקרם יום (לעור יבש).סרום לילה הוא שמן הזנה לעור פנים על בסיס אצה אדומה אשר גדלה בערבה, הסרום מכיל רכיבים המטפלים בפגמנטציה, כהות מתחת לעיניים  ומשפר את האלסטיות של העור. הסרום חודר לשכבה עמוקה יותר של העור ושומר על הלחות הרצויה.יש למרוח את הסרום לפני השינה בלבד ולא להיחשף בשמש כ-8 שעות לאחר המריחה בגלל שמנים אתריים לימוניים שעולולים בחשיפה לשמש ישר אחרי שימוש לפגוע בעורך.

Q: האם את הסרום לילה מותר למרוח רק על האזורים של פיגמנטציה או על כל הפנים?

A: את הסרום כדאי ומומלץ למרוח על כל הפנים והצוואר על מנת למנוע הזדקנות העור ופיגמנטציה לאורך זמן.

Q: מדוע לא ניתן להשתמש בקרם לילה ביום?

A: קרם הלילה מכיל שמנים אתריים לימוניים המעולים להבהרת העור וטיפוחו. יחד עם זאת אלו שמנים פוטוטוקסיים שבחשיפה לשמש מרוכזת על העור לאחר מריחתם עלולים לגרום לנזקי עור. לכן יש להשתמש בקרם בערב/לילה כך שהוא ייספג היטב עד החשיפה לשמש ביום המחרת.

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