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What is special in LaVender natural cosmetic


What is the difference between Lavender products and those of dozens of manufacturers selling natural cosmetics?

Answer: All the products in the Lavender series are exclusively manufactured by us, in order to ensure quality. Unlike most products that are similar to each other and are generally manufactured in the same factory with different labels. The great variety of lavender products are manufactured from 100% natural materials, based on the highest quality and concentrations in the market for example:
• Our unique liquid soaps, shampoo, and solid soaps are manufactured from extra virgin olive oil which is over 70% of the fat comprising the soaps.
• Our therapeutic creams series based on Shea Butter consists of more than 40% Shea Butter, unlike most creams on the market, which are just "enriched‘ with Shea Butter in low concentrations (creams which use Shea Butter)
• All our products contain no preservatives and we invest heavily in the production process to avoid using these materials as well as direct marketing and manufacturing of small series to ensure a quick arrival for consumer use.
• We Choose oils and essential oils in our products to be as gentle and anti-allergic as possible, appropriate for the product, and pleasantly scented.
• When we use the word "natural" it is not for decoration but rather a concept we live by, so ingredients are not printed small and impossible to read with complicated names, but simply as possible.

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What is the difference between Lavender products and other manufacturers selling natural cosmetics?
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