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Myrtle Essential Oil


It is steamed from the fresh leaves only, its fragrance is gentle, refreshing and soothing - they knew the rose oil:



Myrtus Communis, made from myrtle oil, is common in our country, especially in the Golan region. It is green, with beautiful flowers and purple fruits. It is one of the four species in Judaism, and in many cultures it is produced in heaven and liqueur. The tree of Hadas is already mentioned in ancient Greece in the context of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. It is customary to use a bunch of myrtle leaves for purification by incense.


The essential oil of myrtle is considered to be a very gentle oil and is suitable for both pregnant women and soft babies.




Myrtle oil - main uses:
•Soothing - Myrtle oil relaxes and maintains stability and balance of the nervous system. Relieves anxiety and chronic stress
•neutralizes bad odors – Myrtle oil has the ability to neutralize odors and therefore it is used in perfumes and deodorants. Also in our natural deodorants we chose to combine the oil.

Acne - Due to its Contraction properties and dehydration, myrrh is excellent for the treatment of acne.
•contraction - myrtle oil rich in tannins that shrink and therefore also effective for hemorrhoids (not directly).
•Mucus Cleaner - Myrtle oil is a can help in situations of congestion and mucus accumulation, it is best to use it regularly in a burner or as a massage oil.
•Anti-septic - good for use on wounds / cuts. Myrtle oil disinfects and protects open wounds not to be contaminated.
•Antispasmodic and intestinal problems - good for intestinal disorders, abdominal pain, parasites and intestinal worms.

Gum problems - constricts and strengthens the gums.


Lavender products containing myrrh oil:
•Lemon Grass Deodorant - 100% natural deodorant that neutralizes the smell of sweat. Our deodorant does not contain aluminum, alcohols, preservatives and fragrance additives.
•Therapeutic bar soap - therapeutic soap is rich in green clay and olive oil. Excellent for irritated skin, for acne sufferers on body area and for other skin fungus.
•Winter Guard - the perfect winter protection, a must-have mixture in every home with a collection of oils that will protect you from winter illnesses.
•Myrtle essential oil - pure essential oil.



Everything written on the site is written by the writers and their best experience and is not a substitute for a medical opinion.

A little on: Myrtle Essential Oil

Myrtle oil - a soothing essential oil, an antiseptic, excellent for strengthening the gums, treating acne, relieving congestion and phlegm, and treating open cuts and wounds. Because of all this goodness we chose it for some of our products.
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