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Body Massage and Massage Oils


The human touch has a unique power and massage has accompanied human culture for thousands of years and connects us to our infancy and to the birth and natural touch.

Over time, we tend to forget or repress this need, but part of the power of massage and enjoyment lies precisely in the powerful early influence of contact, along with the effect on body tissues and muscles - muscle release, cell regeneration, Touch - itself has a balancing effect also on the mind.

Massage is associated with many as a pampering treatment while on vacation, but it can also be part of our routine and a healthy lifestyle, including stopping the daily race and taking quality time for the body and the soul. It is precisely during a normal busy week with our bodies and minds that we need attention and that we take time and treat it.

Professional weekly massage is a wonderful choice but how many of us give this gift to themselves?

Body massage from a place of giving and turning

In order to provide a relaxing and fun massage it is not necessary to be an expert, you can give a dose of meaningful contact out of a desire to be better. The principles are simple - to come from a desire to give. Come free.
I see massage as an excellent tool for relieving tension and creating closeness. It is suitable for creating intimacy with children and with your partner. In order for the massage to be enjoyable for both sides, it is important that there are several conditions:
• The desire of the two sides for contact and closeness and appeals by both sides
• A cozy, quiet and protected environment
• It is recommended to use massage oil or cream that is gentle and soothing. Recommended aromas are lavender, lemon grass and rosewood.
• It is recommended to add relaxing music in the background - you can find a suitable music network that does not need more than a phone to play. Looking for music to massage music for reiki music for healing
• After arranging the pleasant environment, it is worthwhile to find out if there are parts the other side would prefer to avoid contact (stay away from the hair I'm after a hairdresser .. Just do not touch me in the legs I'm really sensitive ..)

Most people will work out wonderful with a massage of hands and palms followed by a very beloved foot massage. The scalp massage is very relaxing and the most stressed person will feel relief after you massage the scalp for a quarter of an hour.

In terms of length of massage - does not have to be long 5 minutes is good 15 minutes excellent 20-25 minutes wonderfull. This is a valuable gift. However, there are people who prefer short massage and those who prefer longer. Just ask.

Recommendations during massage
• Do not leave the patient - we will always touch him even if it is just laying a hand
• Long movements, not very fast with pressure on the body. Less stroking and more pressing
• The movement is from the inside out

Among the Lavender products you will find excellent massage oils based on high-quality base oils and rich in oils.
• Patchouli vanilla massage oil - with sensual and sensual aroma of Pathcouli, Lavender and Rosewood - perfect for double massage
• Lavender Body Oil - rich in lavender oil known as a particularly calming oil
• Lemon Grass Body Oil - rich in fresh, good oils and muscle massages
• Gentle massage oil - specially designed for babies and gentle skin - with a gentle, balanced and soothing scent


A little on: Body Massage and Massage Oils

Body massage with massage oils - a wonderful way to bring your body and mind to relaxation. The need to touch is basic, but massage is often considered a luxury. Here are some perfect massage recommendations
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