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Red seaweed (Astaxanthin)

Red Seaweed - Astaxanthin - The powerful accelerator for treatment and protection from sun damage, eliminates age spots, treats wrinkles and prevents them, Rich in antioxidants Studies of red Seaweed show that because it contains a high percentage of antioxidants  (400 more potent compare to vitamin E) is excellent for preventing sun damage and age damage and significantly reduces pigmentation.
Lavender products containing Astaxanthin:

Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Perfect for the delicate skin. This intensive firming cream features the powerful age-fighting benefits of the natural antioxidant Astaxanthin that can prevent age damage and reduce dark circles and pigmentation.   



Anti-Aging Face Cream

The fast action formula starts fighting wrinkles and fine lines instantly. You will feel your skin radiant and moist in every use. Add our Anti-Aging Face Cream to your daily routine. 


Night AntiAging Serum

Anti-aging Night Serum is 100% natural anti-aging which contains skin oils and algae extract proven to be excellent treatment for skin care and preventing pigmentation.

Anti Anting Night Cream

While you sleep, the Anti Aging Night cream can enhance your skin. The powerful ingredient astaxanthin helps reduce wrinkles and increase skin moisture and elasticity. 

Anti Aging Lipbalm

A vegan lipstick enriched with aromatic oils and seaweed to provide protection, prevent dryness and make your lips soft and healthy.

Sun care AntiAging facial cream SPF15

Natural BBB sun protection cream 15SPF. Help to eliminate wrinkles. Filled with high-quality oils and the Red Algae.

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