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Organic Shea Butter

Shea butter is rich in vitamin E (antioxidant), fatty acids, proteins and carbohydrates. Shea butter is of course also given to nutritious eating
Used internally and externally, softens skin dryness שמג also has wonderful therapeutic qualitieies it has a pearl color and almost odorless.
In a Japanese article in 2010, it was found that Shea Butter contains high concentrations of ingridients that found to be effective against inflammation and to prevent the action of cancer causing substances.
Products containing Organic Shea Butter:

Nourishing Eye Cream

Ultra-rich eye cream made of olive oil, vitamin E and shea butter to protect the area around the eyes. It moisturizes and nourishes the delicate eye area. The rosewood gives a woody, sweet and floral aroma.

LemonGrass Lip Cream

The Best Lip Balm Cream! It is filled with natural and therapeutic ingredients to protect your lips. The perfect remedy for dryness and chapping.  

Gentle Care Cream

Gentle Care cream based on Shea butter, calendula extract and essential oils that will help to heal and relieve rushed and irritated skin. 

Gift Set for the New Mother

A pampering gift that will make the difference and make the first days more pleasant and joyful. A perfect treat for mother and baby with wonderful scents and caressing touch.


A 100% natural cream based on a special blend of essential oils that were found in many studies worldwide as a potent mosquito repellent. Use it for protection indoors and outdoors.

T-Sun Natural Sun Protection

Feel safe against the harmful sun rays when you use the best possible sunscreen without chemicals, 100% natural and approved by the Ministry of Health.  

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