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Grapeseed Oil

Grape seed oil contains a very high amount of lipids, rich in phenols, steroids and many essential acids for strengthening the cell, nourishing and maintaining its moisture. Grape seed oil is suitable for use in products for fine, dry, dyed and damaged hair, for cell regeneration creams for damaged and mature skin, eye care lotions, lip creams, hand creams.
Producs containing GrapeSeed Oil:

Nourishing Eye Cream

Ultra-rich eye cream made of olive oil, vitamin E and shea butter to protect the area around the eyes. It moisturizes and nourishes the delicate eye area. The rosewood gives a woody, sweet and floral aroma.

Gentle Care Cream

Gentle Care cream based on Shea butter, calendula extract and essential oils that will help to heal and relieve rushed and irritated skin. 

Calm Head

Calm Head – for constant hygienic hair treatment.


A 100% natural cream based on a special blend of essential oils that were found in many studies worldwide as a potent mosquito repellent. Use it for protection indoors and outdoors.

Patchouli-Rosewood Natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorant without aluminum, suitable for sensitive skin. Made of natural materials with gentle and sweet scent - a mixture of cleanliness with sweetness and gentle freshness

Lemongrass Deodorant

Our Natural Deodorant is made of mild ingredients in order to neutralize sweat odor without blocking sweat from being released.   Lavender's Deodorant is perfectly suitable for delicate skin. Your skin can breathe!

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