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Castor Oil

Castor Oil from the castor plant fruits, penetrates to the deep layers of the skin and contains fatty acids that fight bacteria and fungi. Castor oil is excellent for the treatment of seborrhea, dandruff in the hair and gives smooth and supple skin.
Products containing Castor oil:

Citrus Flower olive oil soap

Citrus blossom aroma in the shower. Natural hand-made soaps made by the cold method, pampering with a caressing touch and an intoxicating scent.

Vanilla Patchouli Natural Soap

Excellent soap for the young in spirit, uplifting and stimulating mind and body.

Olive Oil Hand Soap

Our Natural Hand Soap is based on olive oil and is enriched with essential oils such as lemongrass and rosewood for a luxurious experience every time you wash your hand. 

Hair Serum

Hair Serum - A natural hair care serum that contains a blend of excellent Natural oils that provide hair moisture, absorbed easily and leave the hair light and pleasant with a healthy look.

Natural liquid soap - Citrus flower

100% natural healthy soap, gentie, for delicate skin including babies and pregnant weman. No SLS, no preservatives no fragrance. 

Natural Olive Oil - Baby Soap

Natural Olive Oil soap that is formulated especially for babies delicate skinprovide moisture and do not dehydrate.

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