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Bergamont Oil

Bergamont Essential oil is joyous, refreshing, regulates appetite, relieves anxiety, anti-inflammatory, relieves psoriasis and infections.

Recommended for the treatment of winter diseases. Avoid exposure to the sun 12 hours after use.

Citrus Joy Oil Blend

Uplifting citrus Aroma with a delightful vanilla touch making a unique aromatic mixture. Combining a deep and light fragrance for use with a burner or pendant.

Breathe Oil Blend

Take a deep and healthy breath with an accurate blend of pure essential oils to open the breath, to relieve coughing, colds with anti-viral and anti-bacterial oils.

Night AntiAging Serum

Anti-aging Night Serum is 100% natural anti-aging which contains skin oils and algae extract proven to be excellent treatment for skin care and preventing pigmentation.

Anti Anting Night Cream

While you sleep, the Anti Aging Night cream can enhance your skin. The powerful ingredient astaxanthin helps reduce wrinkles and increase skin moisture and elasticity. 

Ravintsara (Ravensara) Massage Oil

An excellent massage oil for the treatment of respiratory difficulties suitable for all ages, even for babies. Many customer tell us how it help them with minor streido, bronchitis, asthma thanks to the combination of effective and powerful oils.

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