Olive Oil Shampoo Olive Oil Shampoo

Unique liquid shampoo based on virgin olive oil  with essential oils in order to nurture improve the hair health 8.8fl.oz(250ml).

Natural Hair Cream Natural Hair Cream

100% Natural cream that contains excellent vegetable oils and butters that enriches and nourishes the hair and scalp 3.52fl.oz(100ml).

Peace of Mind Peace of Mind

Peace of mind – for constant hygienic hair treatment 3.52fl.oz     (100ml).

Lavender-Rosemary Deodorant Lavender-Rosemary Deodorant

Made of 100 % natural ingredients in order to neutralize sweat odour without damaging the sweating process 1.6 oz (30ml)

Lavender-Rosemary Stick  Deodorant Lavender-Rosemary Stick Deodorant

Made of 100% natural ingredients. Especially convenient in using 1.76fl.oz  (50ml)

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