Blitush Blitush

100% natural cream with blend of essential oils that were found in many studies worldwide as a potent mosquito repellent 1.76fl.oz (50ml). 

Peace of Mind Peace of Mind

Peace of mind – for constant hygienic hair treatment 3.52fl.oz     (100ml).

Refreshing Body Cream Refreshing Body Cream

It is a very concentrated cream up to 4 times then any other and will give you pleasure for long time 1.76fl.oz(50ml). 

 Bath Salt for Joy and Relaxation Bath Salt for Joy and Relaxation

A natural relaxing aromatic bath salt that turns bathing into a continous pleasure, and leaves us smiling and peaceful.

Anti-Aging Lipstick Anti-Aging Lipstick

Vegan lipstick with wax derived from cactus plants with a combination of oilsthat will nurture your lips

Lemongrass-Myrtle Deodorant Lemongrass-Myrtle Deodorant

Made of 100 % natural ingredients in order to neutralize sweat odour without damaging the sweating process 1oz (30ml)

Lemongrass-Myrtle Stick Deodorant Lemongrass-Myrtle Stick Deodorant

Made of 100% natural ingredients. Especially convenient for using 1.76fl.oz  (50ml)

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