Welcome - Value Pack 70% OFF!

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 Welcome ValuePack 9.99$
Not tested on Animals Echological 6M

Our Products are different from everything you tried!
Welcome to LaVender Value Pack– wonderful opportunity to try some of our most popular products. Treat your body and soul with those 100% Natural products and feel the difference. FREE SHIPPING!!! You also can send it as a gift - The Value Pack will be sent in a natural palm leef gift pack.
The Value Pack includes the following products in special sizes:
Our wonderful Facial olive oil soap to clean and treat your facial skin (0.5 Oz)
Facial Olive Oil cream to treat your sensitive facial skin (0.2 Oz).
Facial Serum for normal to dry skin (0.1 Oz)
Therapeutic Foot cream to heal cracked and problematic foot (0.2 Oz)
Natural and Effective Deodorant - Patchuli-Rosewood (0.2 Oz)
Ecological Olive Oil Soap – Lavender Essential oil scented (1 Oz)
Spring Olive Oil soap with Neroli Essential oil that will make you fill the spring every day (1 Oz)


Welcome - Value Pack 70% OFF!
Welcome - Value Pack 70% OFF!

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Product Reviews

When I opened my ValuePack, the smell instantly relaxed me. You just can’t go wrong with the scent of Lavender. The products came in a heart shaped straw type holder which I’m currently using on my dresser to hold my business cards in. I always grab some on my way out to hand out on my shopping trips. http://www.terrislittlehaven.com/2013/10/17/lavender/

LaVender Cosmetics sells this value pack on their website. It retails for $33, but you can get it for just $9.99 shipped! That includes free shipping! It comes so beautifully & perfectly packaged, that it would make a great gift! Have a boss, co-worker, friend or family member on your Christmas list? This would make a wonderful gift! I don’t know of any woman who wouldn’t want to receive this! Be sure to follow them on Facebook, too! - See more at: http://bargainhoundblog.com/product-review-lavender-cosmetics-value-pack/#sthash.Vg0Q5uqy.dpuf

A few favorites from this beautiful value pack were the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soap in Lavender, the Gentle Care Olive Oil Facial Soap, and the Therapeutic Foot Cream. I loved the quality, scent, and effectiveness each product encompassed. i though having the value pack was great because you can really sample each Lavender-Cosmetic product before purchasing a larger size. - See more at: http://savvysavingcouple.net/2013/10/22/lavender-cosmetic/#sthash.Y5EW3IbM.dpuf

These products have NO Synth Fragrance, NO Aluminum, NO Detergents (SLS), and NO Parabens. These products are made from natural & organic materials. I strongly suggest that you try the Welcome Kit, because not only is it a great value, but a great product, as well. http://lifewithmytwokids.com/?p=2477

I love the scent of Lavendar. It is a universally easy to blend scent. Most people enjoy it and it makes for a great gift. I like to have products like these on hand for last minute gifts you didn't plan for or forgot about and for those you know that could use a little self pampering. I love that the ingredients of these are natural. This makes them not only great smelling but easy on the skin. http://mommymomentswithabby.blogspot.co.il/2013/10/lavender-cosmetic-review.html

I Love the foot cream!

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