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Restorative Cream


A very concentrated cream for intensive & deep treatment of the skin. It reduces and removes stretch marks, scars, acne scars, cracked nipples caused by breastfeeding, and treats other defects. The cream is based on Shea Butter and Everlasting essential oil - known for its ability to restore and accelerate the skin renewal and reduce scars and other skin marks.restorative cream

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Besides the essential oil "Italian Everlasting", the cream contains "Rosewood essential oil" which is also known for encouraging innovation growth of skin, along with the homeopathic Calendula extract and Calendula essential oil for skin restoration.
The basic oils comprising the cream includes "Shea Butter" which nourishes and enriches the skin, Sweet Almond oil, Grape Seed oil which complements the deep absorption of the cream through all skin layers for intensive and deep treatment of scars and other skin damages.



I used the restorative cream after I was hurt out of breastfeeding, and I got to the point that I could not breastfeed my little baby girl without pain. The pain was unbearable, and since breastfeeding is very important to me; I looked for a natural alternative. The restorative cream was very helpful for recovery and allowed me to continue breastfeeding. The pain passed away quit quickly. Highly recommended! .....
Inbal- Rehovot

Why 100% Natural Restorative Cream" is good for me?

There are several facts that make this cream to be 100% natural and especially effective.

The essential oils

"Everlasting", "Rosewood" and the homeopathic extract of "Calendula", altogether make the cream very effective in treating scarred and wounded skin.


The base oils

It contains "Shea butter", which is excellent for skin care and improves it, including defragmentation wrinkles and more.
Other ingredients such as Sweet Almond oil and Grape Seed oil are complementary elements for good absorption and skin intensive treatment.


NO water in this cream(as with all of our creams) making it about 4 time concentrated than other products, and give you a very long time enjoying the cream. without the need for preservative and other harmfull materials.

Because what not in it...

Lavender restorative cream does not contain: petroleum products (mineral oils, SLS etc,).
Lavender restorative cream does not contain Preservatives (parabens), artificial fragrances, animal fat and substance that interfere with the skin health such as propylene glycol etc.

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