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Natural Facial Peeling



Peeling with Aromatic Herbs!


Your face is exposed. You go out, starting the car and Ops! Your face is exposed to air pollution emitted from the car in front of you. Not only that also from behind and on the sides in the traffic jam. It also comes with the breeze coming from the city industrial area up to your house door. So what can you do??Natural Facial Peeling

In Lavender you can find gentle facial peeling powder, suitable for deep and thorough cleaning of delicate facial skin.

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What is special about Lavender‘s peeling powder?

Lavender‘s peeling powder is a natural dry peeling, made from herbs finely grinded to become thin grains used for massaging and improving blood circulation. It also removes dead skin cells and provides a healthy and radiant facial skin.
It contains ground seeds of Lavender flowers, Rosemary leaves, Apricot and Jojoba seeds.


So what are the qualities of herbs in Lavender‘s peeling?

Lavender flowers - disinfecting and soothing facial skin.

Rosemary leaves - antiseptic, soothing, stimulates circulation and contains antioxidants to slow aging.

Apricot seeds - removing the epidermal layer and exposing new skin cells for fresh and healthy appearance.

Jojoba seeds - for a thorough and delicate cleaning of your facial skin.


OK, I want this peeling, but how to use it?

This herbal facial peeling is recommended once a week with Lavender‘s facial soap.
Directions: Mix the peeling and soap, massage well and rinse face.Natural Facial Soap and Peeling

Ingredients: Apricot seeds,  jojoba seed, Lavender flowers and Rosemary leaves,.

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